Hi. My name is Joshua Ramon Enslin. I code, translate, and study Southeast Asian Studies.

Blog Posts #41-46

Here you can find my blog posts. On my blog, I usually publish texts of two kinds. First, there are technology-related reports about activities. For example, I write about updates to the CMS this website runs on in this category.

The second group of posts are longer. Here I note down thoughts on general developments of interest to me. Other contents include tutorials I write to help friends and share using this blog and more.

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[i3-gaps]Summer Rice

Having fun

For a long time now I've wanted to do a /r/unixporn-style post. Here it is.You know those awesome crunchy, sharp rices, with incredible tasty sauces, ...

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Museum-Digital im neuen Gewand

Update der öffentlichen Seiten von Museum-Digital im April diesen Jahres

Seit April hat Museum-Digital ein neues Design. Einerseits sieht es jetzt - nach dem designtechnisch wahrscheinlich größten Sprung seiner G...

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"But We're Professionals"

Come to some definitions

Their diplomas must be forked. Recto university, you know. That's what a Filipino friend, educated and working as a teacher, responded when we discuss...

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Categorizing Media in the Digital Age

Text version of the presentation "Islam Bergerak: An Exploration"

This is the text version of my presentation "Islam Bergerak: An Exploration", held on the 17th of January, 2017, in the course "Media in Southeast Asi...

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Looking into Automatized Transkription and Transliteration for Aksara Jawa

Preliminary notes on attempting to transcribe and transliterate text using Aksara Java

Over the last two days I have been looking into possibilities for using OCR on texts written using Aksara Jawa and subsequently transliterating them i...

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"Home and Away" and Asian Studies

Notes on the workshop "Home and Away: Transnational Migration, Remittance and Homeland, Korea" and the rise of general Asian Studies

Last Friday, the Department of Korean Studies at Frankfurt University hosted an international workshop on migration. Even though I was rather busy and...

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