Joshua Ramon Enslin


A selection of presentations I gave. The slides for these and other presentations can be found in the files subpage of this website, mostly in the folders for presentations and university-related files.

Agrarian Unrest and Millenarian Motions in Java (1800-1910)

Presentation on Agrarian Unrest and Millenarian Motions in Java in and around the 19th century.

Frankfurt am Main

Islam Bergerak: An Exploration

Presentation on the website Islam Bergerak, a web magazine on progressive Islam.

Frankfurt am Main

Portrayal of Transnational Migration in Filipino-American Hip-Hop Music (1)

Presentation on migration and transnationalism as themes in Filipino-American hip-hop music (Winter Semester 2016/17). Describes on-going work and focuses as much on the context as on the music itself.

Frankfurt am Main