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Here you can find my blog posts. On my blog, I usually publish texts of two kinds. First, there are technology-related reports about activities. For example, I write about updates to the CMS this website runs on in this category.

The second group of posts are longer. Here I note down thoughts on general developments of interest to me. Other contents include tutorials I write to help friends and share using this blog and more.

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Learning Go

Two little projects: goclitr and eAureumFV

Over the last few weeks I have been looking into Go a.k.a. Golang. First off, it was a great experience to start coding in the language.I had previous...

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Surabaya in the 19th Century and on to Independence

Incomplete notes on the history of the city of Surabaya during the colonial era.

Last month I was tasked to hold a presentation on the history of 19th century Surabaya; possibly to be extended into the 20th century, if the availabl...

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[i3-gaps]Summer Rice

Having fun

For a long time now I've wanted to do a /r/unixporn-style post. Here it is.You know those awesome crunchy, sharp rices, with incredible tasty sauces, ...

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Museum-Digital im neuen Gewand

Update der öffentlichen Seiten von Museum-Digital im April diesen Jahres

Seit April hat Museum-Digital ein neues Design. Einerseits sieht es jetzt - nach dem designtechnisch wahrscheinlich größten Sprung seiner G...

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"But We're Professionals"

Come to some definitions

Their diplomas must be forked. Recto university, you know. That's what a Filipino friend, educated and working as a teacher, responded when we discuss...

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Categorizing Media in the Digital Age

Text version of the presentation "Islam Bergerak: An Exploration"

This is the text version of my presentation "Islam Bergerak: An Exploration", held on the 17th of January, 2017, in the course "Media in Southeast Asi...

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