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In this folder I upload files I'd like to share.

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Name of subdirectorySubdirectories / FilesDescription
📁coding3 subdirectories; 26 filesScripts and programs
📁conferences1 subdirectories; 0 files
📁design2 subdirectories; 0 filesPosters and logos
📁languages1 subdirectories; 0 filesLearning and speaking languages
📁office0 subdirectories; 1 filesOffice files
📁photos3 subdirectories; 2 filesImage files
📁presentations0 subdirectories; 3 filesPublic presentations
📁screenshots3 subdirectories; 0 filesRandom screenshots
📁texts0 subdirectories; 1 filesPapers, articles, et cetera
📁tools0 subdirectories; 1 filesUseful tools (outside of coding)
📁university4 subdirectories; 0 filesPresentations etc. created in a university context