Hi. My name is Joshua Ramon Enslin. I code, translate, and study Southeast Asian Studies.

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[i3-gaps]Summer Rice

Having fun

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Museum-Digital im neuen Gewand

Update der öffentlichen Seiten von Museum-Digital im April diesen Jahres

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"But We're Professionals"

Come to some definitions

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Categorizing Media in the Digital Age

Text version of the presentation "Islam Bergerak: An Exploration"

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Looking into Automatized Transkription and Transliteration for Aksara Jawa

Preliminary notes on attempting to transcribe and transliterate text using Aksara Java

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Ppanji.org is the website of the Pusat/Pencinta Panji, a cultural advocacy organization founded in September 2014 in East Java, Indonesia. Nevertheless, it aims to be a central information hub for collecting information on Panji also from other sources and linking to related sources elsewhere. There are sections for collecting listed information on related recordings, events and a bibliographical feature. Additionally, (re-)published scholarly works can be found in a publication section.

Making Tools

Over the last year I have written a growing number of (online) tools to replace apps and programs I use in everyday life with my own infrastructure. Some of these have grown to include new functions, such as my (apparently mis-named) "books" tool, which has turned out to become something of a knowledge management system based on citations from academic publications.


This is where I upload files I want to see published on the Internet.